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Why Hire Us?

Taxpayers have the option to represent themselves before the IRS to resolve IRS tax problems, but would you go to court without a lawyer? Then why would you go before the IRS without competent representation? Having representation vastly improves your chances for successful tax resolution. While no tax Resolution Company can guarantee any specific outcome, at ProTax Consulting Services we have proven to be extremely successful in getting the results and Peace of Mind that our clients need. You sure deserve the same.

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Our Approach to Successful Results

1- Investigation and discovery

We will contact the IRS  to obtain information on your case. Once a complete review is done, we will contact you to discuss the findings.

2- Compliance

We help you adhere to tax compliance procedures and take over all communications with the IRS so you no longer have to speak to them.

3- Resolution

ProTax determines the best possible outcome of your case and attempts to resolve your tax problems thoroughly to give you the Peace of Mind you deserve.